Racetech Designs has a wide range of gauges which offer great performance at an affordable price. This instrumentation has been used in a wide range of motorsport applications. These gauges include mechanical and electrically applications.

Mechanical Gauges

Our mechanical gauges are ideal for measuring pressure and/or temperature of oil, coolant or fuel.

Our pressure gauges are rated for either 15lb, 100lb or 160lb pressure. Each gauge is available with either an Aeroquip or Smiths style fitting for plumbing. Each gauge is available with or without back illumination. Boost pressure gauges are also available.

The Racetech temperature gauges are suitable for coolant or oil. They are available in either 110°C or 140°C ranges. These gauges are available with in-built capillaries which range in length from 4ft to 12ft. The mechanical temperature gauges are available with or without back illumination.

Combination gauges are available in a variety of different combinations. These offer the ideal solution for those with single seater applications or other situations which space is limited. Each gauge features both a pressure and temperature reading, is available with Smiths or Aeroquip pressure fittings, different length capillaries and with or without back light illumination.

Electrical Gauges

Racetech Designs produces 52mm and 80mm gauges.

The 52mm gauges are suitable for vehicle status readings such as water/oil temperature, voltmeter, fuel level and oil pressure. Senders for each of these gauges are also available (sold separately).

80mm Electrical Instrumentation

Racetech produces a 10 – 130 MPH speedo as well as rev tachographs. The speedo can be fitted with either a pick-up sensor or a GPS sensor. The speed also features am LCD odometer with a resettable trip function.

The Racetech tachometers can be used with 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines. They are available in either 8,000 10,000 or 12,000 rev ranges. Options with or without programmable shift lights are available.

Gauge Accessories

Racetech also has available a variety of different accessories to help you get the most out of your Racetech gauges. These include chrome bezels, gauge isolators, mounting pods and oil pressure lines.